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The Austin Vet Specialists has been designed by vets who put their heart and soul into caring for pets. Love of animals, a strong team spirit and collaboration are very important to us!

This purpose-built centre is designed around the ethos of working together (synergy) and providing a calm environment for owners AND their pets. It also allows for further training for team members and the vets of Adelaide and South Australia.

See our journey below:

The Name - Austin

The first step was to think of a name for our project.
Having put our heart and soul into this project, we decided to name our clinic after our cat Austin.

Austin accompanied us on life's journey for nearly two decades of our lives. His passing left us heartbroken. He is our inspiration.

With his gentle demeanour, big heart and loud purr (values that we adhere to), it seemed only logical to honour this venture with his name. In this way, we hope to bring a bit of "Austin" magic to your lives too! After all, it is what he would have wanted!

December 2021

After finding a suitable building, the real work began:

  • Concrete cutting for plumbing

  • Reinstatement of concrete

  • Initial demolition

January 2022

After a Christmas break, the initial building work began:

  • Hanging of aircon ducts

  • Installation of aircon units

February 2022

Once the airconditioning was hanging, the wall frames were installed. At the same time the first fix electrical and plumbing was done:

  • Wall frames 

  • First fix electrical

  • First fix plumbing

March 2022

Once the frames were in, the walls and ceilings were installed. 

  • First rooms created

  • First windows installed

  • Layout coming to life

April 2022

The front of building was painted a striking colour. The gyprock walls were flushed and painted, and the second fix was done.

  • Painting

  • Second fix electrical and plumbing

  • Doors and ceilings

May 2022

Final building works including:

  • Cabinetry

  • Stocking

  • Wallpaper

June 2022

All done! Ready to accept clients and patients - woohoo!

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We Are Veterinary Specialists

It's all we do. So we do it best.

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