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Getting help is easy
because it should be

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We Are Veterinary Specialists

It's all we do. So we do it best.

Why choose us?

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The Austin Vet Specialists is a specialist centre. Our team of board-certified veterinary specialists provide the highest quality veterinary healthcare to pets in South Australia. 

Our services

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Specialist Surgery


Our team of board-certified veterinary specialist surgeons will discuss all the options and help you make an informed decision about the best treatment and management.




Soft tissue surgery

Video consults for vets 


Always friendly and approachable advice!

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Fluoroscopy The Austin Vet Specialists
MRI The Austin Vet Specialists
CT machine The Austin Vet Specialists

Specialist Imaging


Performed by specialist radiologists giving friendly and helpful advice with same day availability! Affordable prices with high quality and clinically helpful reports. 


Mobile ultrasound

Outpatient imaging (ultrasound, CT)

Advanced imaging (MRI, PET/CT, fluoro)

Radiographic interpretation


Get answers from imaging the same day.

Specialist Medicine


Our team of board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialists will discuss all the options and help you make an informed decision about the best treatment and management.





Complex and emergency diseases



Always friendly and approachable advice!

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We offer a full range of mobile, outpatient and full referral services. This means more options. You can easily find top-quality specialist services and support at any level you want. Always friendly and approachable. Always the BEST for your pets.


See a Specialist

Always friendly and approachable. We are here to help. 


Work together to treat patients via outpatient support. 


Experience the value of a mobile radiologist to your vet clinic.

Our Difference

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Who is Austin?


About The Austin

We are proudly independent and South Australian family-owned, and therefore have the ability to do things differently. And we do (for example: we named our centre after our cat!).


As a constant companion throughout vet school, our first ventures as a vet and the beginning of our specialty training, “Big Man” Austin was always there with his soft paws, big heart and loud purr. His relaxed, laidback demeanour brought a bit of Australia with us when we went overseas to pursue further education.


Never shy to indicate he was hungry, nor shy on snuggles Austin was witness to almost two decades of our lives. His passing left a hole in our hearts.

It only seemed fitting to honour this venture with his name. In this way, we hope to bring a bit of “Austin” magic to your lives too! After all, it is what he would have wanted!

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Our location:
19-21 William Street, Mile End South SA 5031

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