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The Austin Vet Specialists

Specialist Surgeon

The Austin Vet Specialists is growing! Having opened in May 2022, we see an ever-growing and exciting caseload of mostly small animals with the occasional exotic and zoo animal (think lion, capybara, orangutan).

The Austin is looking for a Specialist Surgeon (FANZCVS, ACVS, ECVS) who is passionate about patient care and competent in all areas of soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

Be part of a fast-growing independently owned referral centre

(And if you’re not sure about moving to South Australia – read on, I guarantee you will be tempted)

Why join us?

Whilst the job market is a buyer’s market at the moment, this position is unique. We have created three different roles (see below) – choose the role that fits best with your current desires. You can always change roles or adjust your involvement. Our aim to is help you create your perfect job.

  • INSPIRATIONAL LEADER - Head of Soft Tissue or Orthopaedics or Neurosurgery

    • This role centres on leadership, management and responsibility

      • Passionate about quality and collaboration

      • Lead and inspire the team

      • Create a thriving, harmonious and supportive workplace

      • Interested in business development and management (if desired)

      • Opportunities to develop innovative ideas

      • Opportunities for equity partnership

      • Desire to open residency programme


  • REMARKABLE CLINICIAN – Full-time Surgeon

    • This role focuses on talent development, and opportunities for achievement

      • Passionate about quality and collaboration

      • Enjoy your work

      • Proud to be a team player

      • Enjoy client interaction

      • Foster development of junior team members

      • Potential desire to open residency programme


  • LIVING THE DREAM – Part-time Surgeon

    • This role has been created to facilitate lifestyle (think travelling and quality time away)

      • Passionate about quality and collaboration

      • Enjoy your work

      • Proud to be a team player

      • Enjoy client interaction

      • Fully flexible work schedule

      • Fully flexible weeks of holiday


The daily work will revolve around the collaborative care of the surgery patients in hospital and accepting surgery consults from referring vets during our opening hours (8am-6pm). We have overnight care, and no overnight, weekend or public holiday care is expected.


Needless to say, we fully support further education and career advancements, including the development of new techniques or interests.



About The Austin:

We are a vibrant team of experienced veterinary specialists in internal medicine (ACVIM and ECVIM), surgery (ECVS) and diagnostic imaging (FANZCVS, ECVDI and ACVR). Our entire team is carefully hand-picked for their attitude to patient care and the ability to work together.


The surgery department consists of one board-certified Surgeon (ECVS), one resident in training, two surgical interns and a full complement of nurses.


The purpose-built hospital (1200m2) has all the instruments necessary to enable our specialists to relish their chosen careers, and flourish. This includes separate soft tissue and orthopaedic theatres within a specifically designed surgical wing with positive airflow, free-standing steam autoclave and low-temperature plasma steriliser. The theatres are fully equipped including a wide range of new orthopaedic and soft tissue equipment (including thoracoscopy, arthroscopic and laparoscopic towers and flat-panel C-arm for intervention radiology).


Our aim is to enable personal and professional happiness and fulfilment. This sounds lofty but we believe firmly that supporting career development (and passions), which will lead to a more engaged and happier team. Which will, in turn, lead to better care for pets.



You will enjoy:

  • Four-day workweek – we care about a proper work/life balance!

  • A proper work/life balance with 6 weeks of leave and option for more leave if desired.

  • Each role will attract a competitive salary (depending on experience) and includes bonus options and opportunities for equity partnership.

  • We will assist and pay for all relocation and immigration fees, and provide sponsorship (for immigration purposes) if needed.

  • We will also provide time and support for scientific studies, performing lectures and other individual interests.


You will need to be eligible for Specialist Registration in South Australia which requires a Diploma from the FANZCVS, ACVS or ECVS.



Our values

  • We will invest in your continuing education but need you to bring the motivation. In return, we will provide you with a challenging and satisfying career.

  • We will provide a happy workplace (including dealing with any negative workplace behaviour) to ensure you enjoy working with us. At The Austin, we take recruitment very seriously because we know it is important to get the right people.

  • Being a specialist centre, expect ambitious standards and awesomeness but also expect a lot of happiness and fulfillment from your job.

  • Oh...and bring your dog to work – we have a dedicated pooch lounge for our team!



Why South Australia?

Adelaide is a fantastic place to live, with emphasis on ‘live’. The lifestyle is unparalleled to other Australian cities. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate and has all the amenities you could desire from a city of 2 million people (including outstanding schools), but also has the most amazing beaches (west facing so sunsets!). Ten minutes outside the city you will find the scenic Adelaide Hills with free-roaming kangaroos and koalas as well as the world-renown wineries in the Barossa Valley and Maclaren Vale. An abundance of National Parks are within a lazy drive from Adelaide. Real estate is cheap with ample opportunity to live on the beach, or have that house in the country.


Come for a fixed period of time or stay longer – the choice is yours. We understand family needs and travel needs, so everything is open for discussion…talk to us and see.



Want to know more?

If our vision and ethos resonate with you or for a friendly no-strings-attached chat – email us at Please note we are non-corporate and do not have large recruitment departments so instead you will speak directly to us…we’re very friendly (really, we are) so don’t worry!



Please note that applications will close once the position is filled prior to this date so submit your application promptly.



Application process

Please send your CV and cover letter to Xander Huizing at Please include a cover letter including your reason for applying for this position and what attracted you to The Austin. Please also include your future career goals and prior experience. All applications will be treated confidentially, but please make sure you include contactable referees.

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