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The Austin Vet Specialists

Internship in Small Animal Internal Medicine

The Austin Vet Specialists is growing. Having opened in May 2022, we see an ever-growing and exciting caseload of mostly small animals with the occasional exotic and zoo animal (think lion, capybara, orangutan). And now, Internal Medicine is coming to The Austin!


With the addition of Internal Medicine in April 2023, a unique opportunity exists for an Intern in Small Animal Internal Medicine to join our team.



The Internship:

The Internship is intended to provide the first step for a candidate with a strong interest in small animal internal medicine to start an academic, research and/or clinical career in small animal internal medicine (e.g. residency).


The Internship is a one-year fulltime (5 days per week) clinical position with a start date of April 2023. The goal is to give the Intern a deeper knowledge and gain experience within the field of small animal internal medicine. The Intern will be part of the newly formed Internal Medicine team, consisting of two board-certified internists (Natalie Watson and Narelle Brown). Additionally, they will be supported by a team of board-certified specialists in other disciplines and a full complement of highly capable nurses.


The daily work will revolve around the participation in the small animal internal medicine service as well as providing collaborative care of the patients in hospital. This will include supporting in-hospital patient care, the anaesthesia and preparation of internal medicine patients, and assisting with consults and discharges.



About The Austin:

We are young but ambitious with lofty standards. Our custom-built hospital (900m2) is designed around a synergistic approach to patient care. We work as one team to ensure outstanding patient care and exceptional customer service. We invest heavily in developing skills and knowledge aiming to open residency programmes in the near future.


Our hospital has all the instruments necessary to enable our medicine team to relish their chosen careers, and flourish. This includes a specifically designed medicine room with endoscopy, fluoroscopy, Holter monitoring, oncology services, all in-house blood gas/biochemistry/haematology machines, mechanical ventilation, invasive blood pressure monitoring and much more.


Our two internal medicine specialists (ECVIM and ACVIM) are supported by board-certified specialists in surgery (ECVS) and diagnostic imaging (ECVDI and ACVR) including imaging resident, surgery interns, imaging intern and a team of amazing nurses. Our hospital includes a large reception with dedicated client care services, surgery wing, internal medicine wing, radiology wing (including new 64 slice CT scanner), large central treatment area with intensive care facilities, and much more including access to rehab/physio, 3T MRI scanner and PET-CT scanner.



About YOU – the awesome Intern:

We encourage applications from qualified vets with prior referral/specialist experience (e.g. rotating internship) as well as vets wanting to progress their career by moving into the referral/specialist setting. Needless to say, the Intern can expect full support and instruction (including journal club, film reading and other teaching), but initiative and desire to pursue further specialisation will be advantageous. Provisionally, internal medicine residency programmes are planned for the future (dependent on approvals).



The ideal candidate will have the following skills and expertise:

  • Veterinary degree that is recognised in South Australia

  • Minimum of one year working experience in small animal veterinary practice

  • Previous rotating internship is useful but not essential

  • Willingness to participate in rotating roster including Saturdays



Our values

  • We will invest in your continuing education but need you to bring the motivation. In return, we will provide you with a challenging and satisfying career.

  • We will provide a happy workplace (including dealing with any negative workplace behaviour) to ensure you enjoy working with us. At The Austin, we take recruitment very seriously because we know it is important to get the right people.

  • Being a specialist centre, expect ambitious standards and awesomeness but also expect a lot of happiness and fulfillment from your job.

  • Oh...and bring your dog to work – we have a dedicated pooch lounge for our team!



If you believe you have the talent to fulfil this role and want to be a part of a friendly, but dynamic environment, please Apply Now.


Please note that applications will close 19th February 2023 unless the position is filled prior to this date so submit your application promptly.



Application process

Please send your CV and cover letter to Natalie Watson and Narelle Brown at Please include a cover letter including your reason for applying for this position and what attracted you to The Austin. Please also include your future career goals and prior experience. All applications will be treated confidentially, but please make sure you include contactable referees.

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